Roxane Farmanfarmaian obtained her PhD in international studies from Cambridge University, where she was a Donner Scholar of Atlantic Relations and a member of New Hall College. She is the author of Blood and Oil: A Prince’s Memoir of Iran, From the Shah to the Ayatollah (Random House 2005, now in its fourth edition), and editor of War and Peace in Qajar Persia: Implications Past and Present (Routledge 2008). She was editor-in-chief of the Cambridge Review of International Affairs  from 2002-2005, and a founding member of the Centre of International Relations of the Middle East and North Africa (CIRMENA) affiliated to the Centre of International Studies at Cambridge University.


Roxane was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. and grew up in Holland, and obtained her BA in Middle East Studies from Princeton University. Roxane lived in Iran during the revolution and hostage crisis, where she became a journalist and published a weekly news magazine called The Iranian. From there she moved to Moscow, working as a reporter and witnessing the cracks that eventually led to the fall of Soviet communism. Returning to New York, she worked for several years in commercial magazines, including Working Woman and McCall’s, and as a freelancer, published in The New York Times, The Times  of London  and Businessweek. In 1997 she published Blood and Oil in conjunction with her father; at the time, she was also West Coast editor of Publishers Weekly, working out of California. Among her publications was a piece comparing her Utah and Iranian background, published in Half and Half: Writers on being Bi-Racial and Bi-National.  In 2001 Roxane moved to England, to obtain her Masters of Philosophy in International Studies, at Cambridge University, arriving just as 9/11 occurred, which led on to the research grant she received to complete her doctorate. Her PhD received an Honorable Mention from the International Society of Iranian Studies.


Roxane is Affiliated Lecturer of Modern Middle East Studies at the Political and International Studies Department (POLIS) at Cambridge University; for the past year, she has also been a visiting scholar at the Middle East Center at the University of Utah. She has published extensively in popular and scholarly magazines and journals, and most recently, her piece, ‘Out of the Revolution’ appeared in a collection published by Algonquin entitled, Paris was Ours. She is a Senior Research Fellow at the London-based Global Policy Institute, and a consultant on politics, oil and geo-strategy for commercial clients, including Oxford Analytica and Advanced Educational Advising.

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  1. Aref Eghbalian says:

    Dear Dr. Farmanmaian;

    You are an inspiration to me & my daughter Aurian. She is majoring in East Asian studies @ Mount Holyoke College & is currently attending Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. I do hope that one day she will have a chance to meet you, or better yet be able to be a student of yours. Thank you for being one of the many great Iranian American role models for our Daguther and for all young women and men.


    Aref Eghbalian
    Azita Takeshian M.D., PC
    100 Pilot Medical Park Drive
    Suite 275
    Birmingham, AL 35235


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