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December 15, 2011

The Journal of North African Studies

“From spectacle to spectacular:
How physical space, social media
and mainstream broadcast
amplified the public sphere in
Egypt’s ‘Revolution’”

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 Book Review, ‘Private Contractors and the Reconstruction of Iraq’, by Christoher Kinsey, International Peacekeeping, Vol. 18, No. 2, April 2011; pp. 226-232.


Book Review, ‘Among the Iranians: A guide to Iran’s Culture and Customs by Sofia A. Koutlaki’, The Middle East in London, Vol. 7 (2), July-August 2010, p. 18.


Book Review, ’The Taliban and the Crisis of Afghanistan, by Robert Crews and Amin Tarzi’ International Peacekeeping, Vol.17, No.1, February 2010, pp.110–112.

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‘Soldier-Artist: Louis Emile Dehousset’s visual chronicle of Qajar Iran’, Journal of International Qajar Studies, Vol. 6, July 2005.


Media Commentary

“Iran’s strategy under new sanctions” – August 10, 2012

After 30 years of sanctions, Iran’s first order of business is to convince the US and Israel that it does not want war.

Read Roxane’s article from Al Jazeera


 “What makes a revolution succeed?” – February 14, 2011

While the aspirations are different, Egyptians could take five lessons from Iran’s 1979 revolt.

Read Roxane’s article from Al Jazeera


“Arab revolutions transcend Iran’s” – February 6, 2011

As unrest spreads from one Arab country to the next, protest leaders look beyond shortcomings of the Islamic Revolution.

Read Roxane’s article from Al Jazeera


“Iran’s revolution a cautionary tale”

Read Roxane’s article in The Salt Lake tribune


July 28, 2010

“In die Sackgasse manövriert” (Maneuvered into the deep end)

Read Roxane’s article from The European (in German)



‘Sandra Day O’Connor: What has she done for us lately? In a rare interview, Sandra Day O’Connor talks about her ten years on the bench, and Roxane Farmanfarmaian listens for clues to how she’ll vote in the future.’

(1991) Mirabella, pp. 106-116.
American Society of Magazine Editors Best Interview Award, 1992


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